Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Return Policy Issue with online company.

I recently ordered a bag from a company I found promoted on someone's blog. I received the bag and was so excited to get it. I took it out of the box and found it to be something I didn't like at all. The bag had a pattern on it. Any place the pattern had seams, the pattern didn't line up or match. It looks really tacky. I emailed the store owner asking about their return policy. I was told that anything personalized couldn't be returned. She said the pattern not matching up isn't a defect of the bag that's just how it is. I would have never ordered anything where the pattern doesn't match up along the seams. I don't like anything I own to look tacky. I can't imagine carrying this bag around and it looking like this. She offered me 25% off my next order as a consolation. Now I'm stuck with this bag that I absolutely hate.
I can't use it at all or give it away because none of my friends or family would care for it. It also has my first initial on it so it couldn't just go to anyone if I wanted it to. I can't imagine having any business where you would sell things and not disclose that it's a possiblity that the patterns will not line up right or match. That's just not good business. At AVON we have a 100% return rate for unhappy customers which makes it a company I strongly believe in, if the customer isn't happy then it's not okay. Any suggestions on what to do? I can't see ordering another item from this store. I am just really disappointed the bag looked so cute online.


  1. That's just bad business. They should want customers happy. Happy customers=business!

    Sorry about the bag (I certainly hope it wasn't me that you got the referral from...I would want to know)!

  2. Oh I would want to know. I hope it wasn't me who sent you!

    If I were in your shoes I would definitely post the name of the company. I like to make others aware of bad businesses.

  3. It wasn't either of you that sent me, not to worry. Definitely wasn't Preppy Princess haven't even made up my mind on what to buy just yet from there. My heart says buy everything my bank account says no no no :)

    I actually got a 3rd email back, saying now the store owner is willing to offer me a 45.00 store credit if I want to pay to ship the item back. I can't decide if I want to do that or not. I think I might and then just never shop there again. After that's done I am definitely going to post the name. There are too many shoppers in this world too make customers upset. I hate to complain too, I really have to not like something to say anything. I'm just not that assertive.