Saturday, June 27, 2009

AVON Summer Sales Campaign 14 and 15

Edit: The Summer SALE campaign brochure is now posted. Click on the July Deals link on the right side of my blog to shop today:

Be sure to check out AVON's super summer sale that is an annual sale with great discounts on makeup, skin care, wellness items, bath and body, jewelry, fashion, stuff for your home, and more.

To go to my store click here:
(please go through my store on this link so I get sales credit if you go through the general AVON store online I don't get anything)
For free shipping on any order enter: FSWER as your shipping code
(you automatically get free shipping on orders for 30.o0 or more, with this code spend as little as you want and still receive free shipping)
You can still order from brochure 14 but brochure 15 with the great summer sale is going to be viewable on line any day now. Hopefully by Monday morning at the latest. We have lipgloss for 1.99, eye liner for 2.49, mascara for 1.99 to 4.95, eyeshadow quad (4 in a set) for 4.99, glimmerstick eye liner for 2.79, 10 day lasting nail polish for 2.99, lipstick 3.99 to 5.99, luxury eye liner 1.99, makeup remover 1.99, skincare anti aging products buy one, (get one free options), fragrance sets from 14.99, spa products 3 for 9.99, skin so soft bath spray only 3.99, skin so soft any two for 7.99 (doesn't include every skin so soft item), my favorite: Bubble bath 24 oz only 9.99 for 2 of them, footworks product line on sale, bug spray or sunscreen just 6.99, kids' bath time body paint 1.99, trial size of shampoo, shower gel, lotion 99 cents for some product lines, lip balms and roll on deodorant 99 cents, skin softner and powder 1.99, Foot works watermelon set with 6 products for 9.99, jewelry deals: 2 for 15.00, 2 for 30.00 and more.
Also, be sure to check out the outlet brochure 15/16 online at my store:
Shop early for Christmas themed items, children's items including Disney themed, High School Musical, Dora the Explorer, Hannah Montana, Mark items, jewelry and clothing on sale

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