Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Campaign 19 is online now

Campaign #19 is online now for your shopping enjoyment. Just go to my site that is set up through AVON at: http://mhintalla.avonrepresentative.com/
To get free shipping on all orders under $30.00 just enter code: FSWER as your shipping code.

Check out all our specials:
The Mineral Makeup Starter Kit for $25.00: This makeup is a lifesaver for anyone who is ever prone to breakouts, and who needs makeup that is easy to apply, never looks cakey, and goes on so smooth.

4 piece Eye Makeup Deal for just $9.99: Includes Look Alert Eye Brightener Illuminating Pearl. For all skin tones. .04 oz. net wt. A $3.99 value. Ultra Luxury Eye Liner Black. .04 oz. net wt. A $5.00 value. Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover 2 fl. oz. A $4.00 value. Daring Definition Mousse Mascara Black. .26 oz. net wt. A $7.50 value.

Nail polish and nail products on sale: 2 for $6.99 (see list online)
Base coat, top coat, liquid freeze dry spray, and more
I am in love with their nail polish, as I can't paint my nails at home to save my life. The brush that comes with this particular kind of nail polish makes me look like I paid to have them done.
Check out the link to my favorite nail polish here: http://shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx?src_page=product_list.aspx&level1_id=300&level2_id=301&pdept_id=510&dept_id=&pf_id=36660

Check out all our brochures here: http://shop.avon.com/shop/catalog.asp?
I love to shop the regular brochure, outlet brochures, the Big Save brochure, MARK brochure, and in the regular brochure my favorite section is the beauty spree part.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Makeup Giveaway at Preppy Perception

If you love free makeup and I know you do ladies, go check out my other blog and enter to win some great AVON makeup products.

I'm having an amazing sales week and it's all because of these earrings: Only $12.99
This matching ring: Only $12.99

Both are selling like crazy to my local customers. For free shipping just enter FSWER as your shipping code. Oh and for just 99 cents add on this: http://shop.avon.com/shop/product.aspx?level1_id=300&level2_id=302&pdept_id=327&dept_id=650&pf_id=37381

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anti-Aging Giveaway: Solutions Ageless Results Duo

New AVON anti-aging giveaway:
Solutions Ageless Results Cleanser/Cream Duo set for AM/PM:

1.Solutions a.m./p.m. Ageless Results Refreshing Day Cleanser/Makeup Removing Night Cleanser 6.8 oz : Retails for $14.50 on sale now for $9.99
2.Solutions a.m./p.m. Ageless Results Day Cream SPF 15/Night Cream : Retails at $19.50 on sale now for $ 9.99

Giveaway runs from August 23rd to Sept 6th at 10pm.
Earn entries as follows:
1 entry: become a public follower
1 entry: Post a comment about this giveaway (limit 1 comment)
1 entry: Post a comment about your favorite AVON product (limit 3 comments)
2 entries: Grab my button
3 entries: Blog about it (send me the link to your post)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Gold Emulsion Giveaway Winner

We have a winner, sorry for the delay in the drawing.

It is #11 Jules

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Jules please contact me by 11pm on Sunday to claim your prize. If you can email me before Saturday morning at marbeemay@yahoo.com I can send out your prize. Because I'm a day late in my drawing you will also be receiving a special gift. You'll have to wait and find out :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gold Emulsion Giveaway

Please don't forget to enter this giveaway. Due to this being my first week back at my full time job at school, I'll be mailing out all giveaway prizes on Saturday for both blogs.

Please go enter, and remember that even if you're a little on the young side this is a great product to keep your skin feeling very soft and smooth. I guarantee you'll love it :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Campaign 18 is here shop now!! Blogger feedback needed

Campaign 18 is here so feel free to start shopping!!!
Just click on the link here: http://mhintalla.avonrepresentative.com/
Click on shop now and find online brochures and see all the options. Be sure to register as an online customer.

I'm working on creating a customer loyalty incentive program. I'm thinking that every customer who purchases a certain amount each month in AVON products would either earn free products or be entered into a drawing. Leave me your feedback on what to do, alot of you have replied that due to the economy right now it's not really easy to spend alot at once.

So please comment or with any other suggestions. I know that some reps offer incentives to shop with them others don't. I'd like to find a way to reach all my online shoppers and reward all of you and your friends/family. I'm not sure if you all would prefer more of a "frequent shopper" card type deal or just the option to get something else. Send me your thoughts.

Sales Increase Again !!! I am #7 now

I am now #7 in sales for my district for all new reps, one little step up from last campaign where I was #8 !!!!

I should add our sales district includes parts of SC in the upstate, and two different counties in NC. We have hundreds of new reps :) It's exciting to even just be in the top 10 for new sales rep. Last campaign I was number 8, now I'm number 7. My goal is to be #1 now please go buy some AVON, or in the case of some of you more AVON!!!

How exciting and what does this mean for all of my loyal customers?
FREE STUFF..I love to give stuff away after all who doesn't like FREE stuff?

I just got all the new items I ordered for some giveaways in the mail today. It's fun to open up the boxes with orders, kind of like Christmas except that it's not for me. Well of course I always order a few things for me. For myself I got the following items:

1. Just Pinch Blush in Nude by MARK: I saw a review where a customer wore this while working out to get just a little color. I always see parents of my students while doing so, so I thought I'd try it out. It's perfect gives me some color so I look alive, but doesn't look like I put on makeup.
2. Moisture Therapy Lip Treatment: At 99 cents I couldn't say no, it's a must going back to school and all the air conditioning that dries out my skin.
3. Basic Silicone Glove Handcream: More of this for school I had to stock up. This is the best stuff ever for dry skin. I handle paperwork all day long and cannot get any of it greasy or I'd be in major trouble. This is perfect.
4. Shimmer Teardrop Necklace Set: Of course I need something cute to wear jewelry wise for the very first day. When you work with teenagers, you have to dress to impress :) I think this one will get good reviews.
Thinking about ordering, but still not sure if AVON is for you. Thinking it's still for your grandma? It's not!!! I can help you find something for your Grandma but today's AVON is about everyone. Remember if you're not loving anything you purchased you can return it for a 100% refund.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Cause: Check out this Auction

Check out my blog post at my other blog: Preppy Perception at the link above.

Please think about bidding on some items, I think the auction starts tonight at midnight..you'll have to go back and see the post. For every person that blogs about this cause and goes and leaves a comment on my preppy perception blog, with a link leading back to their blog post telling about this..I'll enter your name in an AVON giveaway f or a surprise item/items to be announced on Wednesday.

Please go over to my other blog to leave your comment, so you can be considered to win. Take a chance and bid. For all of of us with spouses, significant others, kids, friends with kids. I can't even begin to imagine being in this family's shoes. My heart breaks for them and their kids. I don't think I could be as strong as they are right now.

Preppy Perception Giveaway: Ends 8/12

Don't forget to enter my Preppy Perception Giveaway for the AVON MARK product trio. I have this at home and have enjoyed using it the last two weeks. I can't wait to choose a winner which will be happening very soon. I am drawing a winner on 8/12 this week!!!!

Please go enter when you have the chance. Remember you can always keep the gift or give it to someone else. I don't know anyone that doesn't love a gift :) Okay maybe a few people, but who needs friends that are such crab apples I sure don't.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anti-Aging Giveaway: ANEW ULTIMATE Night Gold Emulsion

ANEW ULTIMATE Night Gold Emulsion Giveaway:
I have changed the giveaway to one of AVON's best new skincare products. This product normally retails for $34.00 but can be found on sale sometimes for $30.00 and the jar last forever you won't need to buy alot or replace it often.

This product is going to help you look 5 years younger in just 14 days, potentially as they advertise it. I have tried it and I definitely notice a difference, my skin is softer and looks much better, I also tried it on my hands where I noticed the biggest difference of all.

You can read all about ANEW ULTIMATE Night Gold Emulsion at the link below, be sure to read the reviews by other customers:

This giveaway will run from August 6th to August 20th at 10pm EST so enter today.
Earn entries as follows:
1 entry: Become a public follower
1 entry: Leave a comment
1 entry: Leave a comment telling me what other anti-aging products by AVON you would loveto try
2 entries: Grab my button
2 entries: Blog about it

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sales Award

I am so excited I have been named #8 for top sales for new representatives in my sales district. It's a big district with several counties in NC and one in SC. Thanks to all of you who have ordered from me, or had family members/friends order.
I am so happy to find this out as selling AVON is my fun job. Who wouldn't want to try out makeup, skincare, and all the other products for fun? Not to mention getting a great discount on anything and everything I want to try. I also love to give away products to my friends and family for them to try and enjoy.
A little background to my start with AVON, I was forever buying the products from a co-worker. Until I saw a brochure last fall I thought AVON was for old ladies, I really and sincerely did. It turns out it's definitely not and I enjoy using alot of the products they sell. In April I decided to start selling. The timing was definitely questionable as it was the busiest time of the year for me with my regular full time job in education. I am always up for a challenge so I dove right in and got started.
It was a rough start as I have always thought of myself as a friendly person but not very outgoing. You can't make it in sales without being outgoing and over the past couple of months I have really felt alot more confident about selling AVON. I have tried so many of the products, given them to friends and family to try, blog readers, and felt that their products really are worth buying. I have been very determined to succeed as I don't like to fail at anything. I really want to say a big thank you to all of my blog readers and customers for your support. I couldnt' do it without your help. So thank you to everyone and get ready for some great giveaways as I start off the month of August. I know that without a blog and online readers I won't be able to continue to be a success. Next stop for me in the online world just may be twitter, but we'll see it's still new to me.

Brazil Beat Giveaway Winner

Congratulations are in order for Deanna who was the first comment and the winner of our Brazil Beat Trio Giveaway.

Deanna: Please contact me by Wednesday at midnight eastern time with your mailing address so I can get this mailed out to you.

Thanks for all of you who entered :)

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Campaign 17 Shopping Time:

Don't forget to do your shopping for campaign #17 with AVON. I know all of you with kids are busy spending your money on all the necessary back to school items. However, there are items you might consider purchasing through AVON and our MARK product line that you have to buy anyway.

Check out our prices on items you purchase on a regular basis:
shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, cleanser, moisturizer, makeup remover, shower gel, bubble bath, acne help/solutions, anti-aging products, hair removal products, hand cream, lotion, hair styling products/solutions, and all of the makeup products. Find an item you like but want to get a lower price, contact me and I can look at prices up to two campaigns back to find you a better deal possibly if it's been marked cheaper in another brochure.

Love to shop clearance and get a great deal?
go to the clearance section on the AVON site I have at:

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Giveaway for Brazil Beat Last Minute Entries

Be sure to go enter my giveaway for the Brazil Beat trio, it smells wonderful and right now we have only a few entries. Although it's geared towards our spring/summer season it's a fragrance you can wear year round easily. It would make a great end of summer gift for a friend, neighbor, babysitter, someone who is always doing something nice for you. Or for the friend, relative, mom that you know is never taking the time to buy something nice for herself. So go ahead and enter ladies!!!!