Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gift idea for newylwed one year anniversary

I need some help with a giftI have to buy soon. My sister and her husband are going to be celebrating their one year anniversary in early July. I have no idea what to give them, I think for the 1st year you are supposed to give a gift of paper. They are more into practical gifts but I wanted to get something with that was somewhat sentimental. I still have a wedding invitation I wanted to do something with for them. Any ideas?

They love the outdoors and all kinds of sports. I think my sis and I are secretly not related as I can't stand to get dirty or sweat. That's really a nice way to put how much effort I will put into not doing either. The exception is if I'm on a beach somewhere, then glowing not sweating is allowed.

Send me your ideas :) I love to find the perfect gift and I've been looking for 3 weeks already and can't make up my mind.


  1. How about a nice frame for the invitation? Or the invite on one side and a wedding picture on the other side (maybe a more fun one)?

    I can always use picture frames!

  2. I might do that, they would love it and they aren't the type to buy anything for themselves like that. Thanks :)
    Your package came to me instead so I mailed it to you yesterday. I think you should have it by Friday.