Friday, June 12, 2009


I have some new favorite AVON products I have to share:
(some of them have been around a while, others are new)
1. IDEAL Shade Concealer Stick: In the color medium works perfect cover dark circles under eyes. I have very fair skin and this color is great to cover up anything and everything.
2. Glazewear Eye Diamonds in Turquoise Dream and Pink Sugar: Great eyeshadow last all day.
3. Glazewear Lip Color: in Tickled Pink
4. Jet Femme Eau de Toilette Spray and Shower Gel: Smells like amber, grapefruit, and exotic wood. Goes on sale alot :)
5. Driven: Men's line of cologne smells great, something you'll love your man to wear without him feeling like he's got on something that's cologne.
6. An old but good favorite: Skin so Soft Bath Oil in Original or Soft and Sensual makes my dry skin feel so soft. Soothing on sunburns as well
7. Skin so soft Sensual Shape Targeted Arm Perfector: Makes arms look great for sleeveless shirts and dresses. I love my arms but this just accentuates them to look even firmer.
8. Bubble bath in Sweet Honeysuckle and Lily: Great new scent
9. Green Tea and Mint Exfoliating Foot scrub, cooling lotion, and invigorating spray: Great to recover from wearing those to die for shoes that aren't so comfortable all day long.
10. Dew Kiss Lip Dew: One of my all time favorites, never pay more than 99 cents for this one.

Shopping tip: If you have some product you want to try see if it's on sale in the current brochure by looking at my store link online by clicking the "I sell AVON" button and you can also go back up to 2 brochures, check the outlet brochures as well, to find your best deal. Or email me and I'll find it for you anytime, I love to find a good deal and share it with my customers. That's probably why I can't be in sales as my only job :)

If you have any favorites by AVON feel free to share. I love getting to try new products before they come out in the brochures :) There are many older products that I need to try as well.

Also, if any of you have any fragrances, lipstick or glosses, or foundations, you would like to try let me know. I can always order you some samples when I put in my next order in 2 more weeks. I like to know what I'm buying before I spend money on a fragrance or makeup.

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