Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sales Increase Again !!! I am #7 now

I am now #7 in sales for my district for all new reps, one little step up from last campaign where I was #8 !!!!

I should add our sales district includes parts of SC in the upstate, and two different counties in NC. We have hundreds of new reps :) It's exciting to even just be in the top 10 for new sales rep. Last campaign I was number 8, now I'm number 7. My goal is to be #1 now please go buy some AVON, or in the case of some of you more AVON!!!

How exciting and what does this mean for all of my loyal customers?
FREE STUFF..I love to give stuff away after all who doesn't like FREE stuff?

I just got all the new items I ordered for some giveaways in the mail today. It's fun to open up the boxes with orders, kind of like Christmas except that it's not for me. Well of course I always order a few things for me. For myself I got the following items:

1. Just Pinch Blush in Nude by MARK: I saw a review where a customer wore this while working out to get just a little color. I always see parents of my students while doing so, so I thought I'd try it out. It's perfect gives me some color so I look alive, but doesn't look like I put on makeup.
2. Moisture Therapy Lip Treatment: At 99 cents I couldn't say no, it's a must going back to school and all the air conditioning that dries out my skin.
3. Basic Silicone Glove Handcream: More of this for school I had to stock up. This is the best stuff ever for dry skin. I handle paperwork all day long and cannot get any of it greasy or I'd be in major trouble. This is perfect.
4. Shimmer Teardrop Necklace Set: Of course I need something cute to wear jewelry wise for the very first day. When you work with teenagers, you have to dress to impress :) I think this one will get good reviews.
Thinking about ordering, but still not sure if AVON is for you. Thinking it's still for your grandma? It's not!!! I can help you find something for your Grandma but today's AVON is about everyone. Remember if you're not loving anything you purchased you can return it for a 100% refund.

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