Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Campaign 18 is here shop now!! Blogger feedback needed

Campaign 18 is here so feel free to start shopping!!!
Just click on the link here: http://mhintalla.avonrepresentative.com/
Click on shop now and find online brochures and see all the options. Be sure to register as an online customer.

I'm working on creating a customer loyalty incentive program. I'm thinking that every customer who purchases a certain amount each month in AVON products would either earn free products or be entered into a drawing. Leave me your feedback on what to do, alot of you have replied that due to the economy right now it's not really easy to spend alot at once.

So please comment or with any other suggestions. I know that some reps offer incentives to shop with them others don't. I'd like to find a way to reach all my online shoppers and reward all of you and your friends/family. I'm not sure if you all would prefer more of a "frequent shopper" card type deal or just the option to get something else. Send me your thoughts.

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