Monday, October 19, 2009

Sales Ideas

As most of you have noticed, I've had to scale back a little on the giveaways. Sales are definitely down across the board. Hopefully they will pick back up again for the holidays. I'm still trying to make my goal of 10,000 in sales by March 1st. I'm at 4200 right now, so it's a long way to go. I've earned more customers from our blog readers, and hope to see that increase. We sell all of the basics you buy from the store on a regular basis. Shampoo, shaving gel, deoderant, hair products for every need, makeup, and more. I'm looking for your ideas on how to increase sales. I've tried one online party so far. I thought about a frequent shoppers club, where if blog followers spend a certain amount each month they earn prizes.

Please send me your ideas, what would motivate you to buy more, have you ever looked at one of our catalogs/brochures lately and more. Thanks for your help.


  1. I LOVE Avon. My Grandma Vee used to deliver her Avon orders on an adult tricycle ringing the little bell as she pulled up to her customer's homes. Of course, that isn't possible these days. But making Avon fun is. Everyone needs a good laugh as much as they need a bargain these days. Invite people to participate in your blog by sending in photos of Avon in use...their daughter or granddaughter applying makeup, a prom night photo, a wedding photo...where Avon products were worn. The kids in a bubble bath, better yet the kids peacefully asleep after a lavender bubble bath. Have some fun. Best of Luck towards your goal.

  2. Oh, Grandma Cat has some great ideas! We are just in a holding pattern right now with the budget...but we are definitely setting money aside for gifts. Hopefully, I don't get any really demanding wish lists and I will come to you:)