Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Campaign, Holiday Shopping, and another Sales Increase

Campaign 20 is here for your shopping pleasure :)

Remember all orders under $30 are charged for shipping unless you enter a shipping code such as the one given below:

It's a great time to start your holiday shopping for all the people in your life that make a difference in your life on a daily basis. Maybe it's someone you work with, a friend, neighbor, relative, the babysitter, your secretary, anyone that works with your kids, it's an inexpensive way to say thanks. If you need any suggestions just let me know, we have alot of products that are for sensitive skin and even some fragrance free items for those with allergies.

Before I forget, I am now #2 in SALES for my district for all new sales rep. I'm still going after the #1 spot but it's going to be alot of work. That's okay because I love a challenge. Thanks to all of the followers who have purchased AVON products and really helped my sales.

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  1. Congratulations on being #2...I'm sure #1 isn't far off!