Sunday, September 13, 2009

1ST Online Party for AVON

I'm hosting my very 1st online party for AVON, go to the link below to enter my store and shop:
The party runs from today until Friday, Sept 18th.
The customer who spends the most money wins a gift basket of AVON items worth $25.00 to be given out after the party ends.

You must use the link given above to shop for this online party. This way I can track your shopping purchases and see who the overall winner is.

Some of my favorite new and old products are:
1. ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Moisture Sleek Smoothing Cream for $4.00
2. ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Moisture Sleek Smoothing Shampoo for 2 for $6.99
3. Lighten Up Plus Eye Cream (Say goodbye to dark undereye circles) $7.50
4. Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow ( I have the following colors at home: bronzestone, cocoa glow, mineral ice and midnight mauve) each for $4.99
5. Smooth Minerals Eye Liner for $6.00 ((I have indigo and iris)
6. Bubble Bath - 24 fl. oz. for $4.99 ( I love french lilac and soft pink)
7. AVON BASICS Silicone Glove Hand Cream for just $2.49
(my favorite hand cream, this is always in my orders for customers every campaign)

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