Thursday, July 30, 2009

Product Samples Headed Your Way!!!

Just a heads up that I will be doing alot of giveaways with the results from your survery that you all participated in for me. Thanks to everyone who did so, I realize alot of you all are on vacation, very busy, or just lacking time.

I have already start working on my next AVON order to get alot of the sample sizes of the skincare products for anti-aging ready to giveaway. They come in packs of 10 so that's usually enough to decide if you like a product or not. Since there are so many we'll start with that, see what reviews we get and go from there.
I have to say this is the youngest group I've seen want to try so many anti-aging products but in my early 30s, I am just as guilty. I have really fair skin and it's often dry so I'm always thinking ahead to my future. My mom has the youngest looking skin so I'm hoping I'm half as lucky and I'll be a happy woman. I told her I'm trying out the crows feet product this week and next to review it. She just laughed but I do have the tiniest little lines starting to show up and I want them to go right back where they came from and disappear.
I will also be ordering some of the fragrance samples and seeing what people like or don't like. I have found certain fragrances appeal to the younger crowd and more to the grandma age. Then there is the fragrance options that are in between. I am also trying alot of the MARK products we sell in our brochures.

Again, thanks to all who had the time to do the survery this blog and my giveaways depend on what you all ask for :) If there is something you just dying to try let me know. Anytime you would like a brochure mailed to your home, just email me and send me your name and address. I do not give out names and addresses at all to anyone. I value my customers and enjoy helping them find the products they love.

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