Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Product Reviews and FREE SAMPLES

Here are some more AVON products that I have enjoyed trying and using:
(some are new, some have been around a while)
1. Simple Elements Perfect Cotton Eau de Toilette Splash
2. SKIN SO SOFT Soft & Sensual Gelled Body Oil (perfect for very dry skin/every day use
3. The Solutions am/pm cleanser and moisturizer for anti-aging (I just had to try this out, it's in the brochures coming up) My skin is so soft after this I'm going to stay with it.
4. Color Trend Mini Eye Liners (an old favorite of mine it's usually on sale from 69 cents to 99 cents, small enough to have one at home, in several purses, and at work)
5. ULTRA LUXURY Eye Liner Powdery Feel. Easy Application. (great if you have trouble putting on eye liner, for many reasons)
6. GLAZEWEAR Liquid Lip Color in clear (perfect for when you want a little color but nothing too noticeable)
7. All mineral products: foundation, blush, and eye shadow (it stays on for a long time, easy to apply, and is perfect for anyone that doesn't feel that they are great at applying makeup)
8. ADVANCE TECHNIQUES No Fuss Paddle Brush: it is so easy to clean out this brush I love it :)
9. ADVANCE TECHNIQUES 2-in-1 Healthy Shine Shampoo & Conditioner (I used to use pantene, aveda, biolage, bumble and bumble, this is really inexpensive and works great)

Free samples:
(You can read reviews anytime on my website link for my AVON STORE from all of the people who have tried each product, it's very helpful)
Email me if you have any perfume or fragrance you want to try a sample of, I can send it to you for free. Also, some of the makeup products and skincare products I can get a sample of as well. It just depends on which one you would like to try. You can try as many as you want as long as you keep it reasonable :)
Almost all of the anti-aging and some of the cleansers/moisturizers are available for you to try. If you want to try the advance technique hair products in the shampoo/conditioner line, I can send you a travel size bottle. Just email me before this Thursday afternoon, so I can place the order. Otherwise it will be another 2 weeks before you get a sample sent to you.
Makeup samples available:
(please specify a color preference, or one will randomly be sent to you, AVON Lady is not a good mind reader thanks :)
Lipgloss, lipstick products
Perfect wear lip products
Ultra color rich lip products
Pro to go lip products
Spectra wear lip products
Anew youth wakening
Eye makeup:
True color eye: singles or quad
I-mark eyeshadow
Perfect wear
Ideal shade
Anew Age Transformation
Just about every one in the brochures, too many to list can include AVON or MARK products found in our brochures
Too many to list just email me please
Lily botanicals
Planet Spa

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