Sunday, May 24, 2009

Business Update

I actually ended up doing much better on my last order than I thought I would. Several new customers. Took the step of putting together some gift bags with samples and catalogs to give to businesses. It was a little nervewracking but I got up the courage to approach a few. Hopefully, I can keep the courage up and get alot more business this way. One office I went to even said they had been looking for an AVON lady. I hope this works out. I think sometimes I forget how shy I can be about approaching people I don't know .I know AVON has great products at excellent prices so that helps alot to be confident in the product I'm selling.
I ordered some tshirts to promote my sales as well so hopefully that gets alot more attention. I think the real key is just taking the risk and approaching people. Just about everyone seems to know what AVON is, whether or not they have been asked to buy any seems to be the question of the day. Most haven't so here's to hoping I get some decent sales out of this next campaign.

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